The Love of Music

The sweet sounds of melodies, rhythms and drums that tap into your emotions and will always have a special place in your heart… music! For most musicians and well, people who love music, music is a passionate thing for us whether it’s a hard hitting heavy metal track that you can rip someone’s head off to or a sweet symphony by Beethoven that you can raise your tea glass to and gently sip while staring out into the landscape of your front porch.

Music has stolen hearts at young ages and refuses to let go… not that we want it to. I myself used to cry at the age of 7 when hearing a classical piece that had a sad symphony to it. I would cry to my mom and say this is a sad song as the tears fell from my eyes and I gave great big sob in the name of music.

So many styles music have been birthed from years ago to present moments. All of them art, all of them a special expression of the soul. Music will always be there to accompany our emotions no matter what they may be.

Can you imagine a world with no music? No radio, no artist, no sounds swiftly put together by a skilled ear. Personally I’d be in a mental institution or something of that nature without my first love… you guessed it… music. I’d be searching for sounds in the wind… literally. So why do you love music? Think about that.

I remember Hip hop having a big influence on my musical ear. The first Hip hop song that caught my ear back in the day was a song – knock you out. The sound and hyperness of the song was great and it still had a laid back groove to it. Nowadays I’ve been making my own rap beats, instrumentals. I love it so much. It’s been 6 years and I’ve never gotten tired of making my own hip hop beats. Hip hop production is a way of life for me. It’s what I want to do forever, and making music generally.

Healing With Music

Many people around the world find that they can have no peace and rest from the troubling emotions in their minds, and their hearts are filled with turmoil as they go about their day. It can be hard to find a solution for dealing with mental and emotional problems, but music has been used as a key to healing hearts, bodies, and minds for thousands of years.

Healing with Music:

One of the first instances of this sound healing is found in the Bible, in the book of 1 Kings. King Saul of Israel is troubled, though each translation of the Bible cites a different cause of his trouble. However, it requires the soothing music of the young shepherd boy, David, to soothe the king and give him peace. Only when David is playing his harp can the king sleep, and King Saul actually brings David to his court to play and provide him with peace.

Music has a powerful effect on emotions, and anyone looking for healing with music of mind and body would do well to consider music as an effective solution. Music is known to provide soothing for humans from the moment they are born, as the soothing sounds and rhythms of music reminds babies of their mother’s heart beat and the movement of the amniotic fluid. Infants automatically feel relaxed when they are listening to soothing music, and music only has a more powerful effect on each of us as we age.

Healing With Music: Sound healing

The fact of the matter is that music has a powerful effect on each human:

Music soothes the soul and removes the mind from its troubles, taking it far away to bask in the comfort and peace of the melody and lyrics.

Music relaxes a stressed and troubled mind and body, and provides the human mind with an escape from reality.

Music actually has been known to have healing properties, as a resting heart may beat in time with the music being played to help promote healthy circulation and blood flow for healing.

Music has many amazing properties, and you will find that the music that you are listening to has a direct effect on how you feel. When you listen to heavy metal, you will find that your heartbeat speeds up and everything happens much faster. When you listen to techno music, the world around you fades and you have a much better focus. When you listen to classical music, the chord progressions open your mind and you find that your mind is free to think.

Healing with music is one of the most effective of the alternative therapy treatments, particularly for those with mental or learning disabilities. Music can have an amazing effect in lowering blood pressure, helping the heart to beat more steadily, combat back pain, overcome fatigue, reduce the need for antidepressants, and even help to improve cognitive functions.

Music is a tool that has been created for one single purpose: to move the emotions of the person listening. Some music is designed to incite people to buy, incite people to action, incite people to violence, or incite romantic feelings in the heart. Music is created with a purpose, and finding the right music that has been created for the purpose of sound healing can provide those in need of emotional, mental, and physical healing with an alternative treatment.